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Marriage Preparation

What kind of marriage preparation classes will we need to attend?

Upon receipt of your Marriage Petition form, a priest will contact you about setting up a time and date to meet virtually using FaceTime, Skype, Duo or Zoom.  During this meeting he will get to know you, discuss things you should consider in marriage and also give you directions about how to plan a ceremony.  There are no classes that you need attend. Your marriage represents a change in how you envision and experience yourself and your relationship with others. It is both exciting and frightening. You control how you experience that you do based upon the belief systems you choose to maintain. Your family and friends are here to support you and so is the community as a whole. Marriage (Pre-Cana) preparation courses and individual counseling can help. We encourage you to take time to prepare yourselves as you deem apt. We do most strongly encourage each of you take a moment or two for conscious, dedicated preparation for your marriage - if for no one else than the children who may issue from your marriage.


We strongly encourage you:


It goes without saying that your marriage will work only if both of you both are committed to having or letting it work. Ideally, the priest/deacon would like to meet with you at least once before the ceremony.

Links to WRM Marriage Preparation Materials: 


Preparing form marriage is a different than preparing for a wedding.  If you are unable to participate in a formal program the following links to documents are presented to help you do a DIY marriage preparation activity.


Preparing for Marriage

Why we marry.


The Marriage Relationship

Marriage Counseling/Parental Blackmail

On Money
On Recovery Issues
On Kids: Divorced Parents and Remarriage


Formal Marriage Preparation Sites

​Links to formal marriage preparation programs:(Engaged Encounter offers a single weekend program that many couples have found beneficial in learning dialogue skills for a successful marriage.)

What happens on an Engaged Encounter Weekend

Engaged Encounter Locations:

The Roman Catholic Church also offers the traditional Pre-Cana Conferences. While we are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic jurisdiction it may be a valuable tool to consider

Archdiocese of Chicago

Archdiocese of Milwaukee


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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