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FAQ's About Weddings

Can we have a ceremony outdoors or at other sites?
Yes, the choice of location for your wedding is yours as we do not maintain any church buildings.  Depending on weather and other factors ceremonies may be held out-of-doors.

Can we personalize our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we are pleased to assist you in personalizing your wedding ceremony with options for readings, personal vows or chosen from more traditional options, and ceremonies which speak to various cultures.

Can we choose a shorter ceremony?
Yes, a typical ceremony outside of mass runs approximately 25-30 mins (including walking in and out).  We also offer a more traditional Nuptial Mass with communion which runs 45-60 mins.

Can we still be married if one or both are divorced and have not sought an annulment?
Yes, as Catholics, we believe in the sanctity of marriage; we also realize that we are only too human. While we do not have an annulment or dispensation process, remarriage is allowed in order to avoid further human tragedy. From this perspective we solemnizes remarriages with the joy and the peace of Christ.

Can we still have a Catholic ceremony if my fiancé is not Catholic or we don’t practice the faith? 

Yes, we encourage you to consider how religious differences might impact your relationship. It is not one of those easily overlooked issues.  

Can we have a Rabbi, Minister or Imam co-officiate the ceremony?  Yes, we are open to co-officiating with other religious leaders and have sample ceremonies for Catholic/Jewish and Orthodox/Catholic traditions as well as openness to other traditions.

Do you require or offer marriage preparation classes?

While we do not offer such programs, we encourage couples to participate in formal marriage preparation such as that offered by Engaged Encounter, a weekend experience to help you develop or enhance your communication skills, Pre-Cana courses and individual counseling can help. You will find links to both formal preparation programs  (Engaged Encounter) and DIY materials on the Weddings page.

What do we have to do for a legal marriage?
To be legally married, you will need to have a license from the county clerk or the state department of registration for the place in which the ceremony will occur. Often, there is a short waiting period, a definite expiration date and sometimes other requirements. After the ceremony, the priest will make sure that your license is signed and sent to the appropriate agency. He will also provide a commemorative marriage certificate for your more immediate use. You will need to secure a certified copy issued by the county clerk to change driver’s licenses, bank accounts, insurance plans and other legal documents after the wedding.

Will my marriage be recognition by the Roman Catholic church?
Each jurisdiction has its own criteria for recognition of sacraments. The White Robed Benedictine Network is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic church. Through apostolic succession in the Old (Dutch) Catholic tradition, we celebrate the same sacraments as those in the Roman and Orthodox communities. Your marriage will be legal with the state and a sacrament in the eyes of God.  If at some point later you wish official Roman Catholic recognition you should contact you local parish to have your marriage "blessed" or convalidated. 

Will we be able to have our children baptized in the Roman Catholic church? 

You should not have difficulty having children baptized in your parish regardless of the status of your marriage.  We do offer baptism for children and adults done in the home setting should you so desire.

What is the fee for your wedding services?
There is no per-se charge for our wedding services. A financial donation of $650 is suggested, not mandatory. A  priest may be required to travel great distances to celebrate the sacrament with you. We ask that those costs also be covered separately from any donation.  Please check with your priest regarding this matter as we do not deny the sacraments to anyone in financial distress.

How do we have a priest officiate at our wedding?
The first step is to complete and submit a Marriage Petition.  Ideally, we would like to personally meet at least once with a couple. When this is not practical email Skype/FaceTime video or a telephone conversations may substitute. Your priest will work with you to discuss marriage and help you plan your wedding.

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