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Catholics Searching for Acceptance

As the presence of the White Robed Benedictine Network in Virginia, Contemporary Catholics strives to make the world a more compassionate place through our ministry of the Word and Sacraments.  A self-governing Catholic community, we have a mission of service to all. We appreciate that Jesus never really said "No" to anyone. Therefore, in the traditional spirit of Benedictine hospitality, we offer without question the Word and Sacraments to everyone who requests them.

Bound together by Christ's love, we support one another through these uncertain times by:
• Emphasizing the positive aspects of the faith,
• Approaching one another in openness on our journey of faith realizing we are at different points along the route, and
• Believing those things that the Christian community has always held and believed as annunciated in the Apostle and Nicene Creeds.

We are Catholic in the truest sense of the word and share our history with other Catholic jurisdictions. You, like many before you, are probably surprised to learn that there are "other" Catholic jurisdictions.
Catholicism provides a quick overview of 2,000 years of Catholic development and links to a more detailed history.

We often serve Catholics in the Roman jurisdiction and others seeking outdoor weddings or having prior marriages. They initially approach us because of our non-judgmental approach to weddings, Catholic Weddings: Another Option, addresses some of the more practical questions we've been asked.

In addition to weddings we celebrate all the sacraments, offer home Masses and provide funeral services, please contact one of our priests with your needs.

Our mission is to make the world a more compassionate place through a truly welcoming and dynamic Catholic community where people can connect through the Word and Sacraments with God, with others, and with opportunities to make a difference in our world.

So, we want to help you on your spiritual journey - a journey we are all making together.

You can think of the WRB Network as a group of people "doing life together." We are a faith community on a journey, people with a shared mission - and we hope that your life will be enriched through your involvement, so that together we can bring hope and healing to our world in these exciting times.

If you are intrigued by the White Robed Monks approach to Catholicism we invite you to view other pages in this site and to also visit to our extensive web site,
White Robed Monks of St Benedict, for a deeper look into our faith life.

As you peruse this site please feel to contact us with your questions and needs.

It won’t take you long to discover that this is truly a family, rich in relationships that matter most.

Peace and Joy!
Fr Jim

About Contemporary Catholics

"Whenever you enter a house, extend your peace" Matt 10:12 

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